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Turkish Language Classes
Our Turkish language Course Content: 

Our Turkish  language  courses in London designed to suit your individual needs. You can book your one to one lessons either  for day time or evening.  No tuition fee differences. We will happily assess your  course needs and design a Turkish-lesson programme for you. You tell us where you would like to take your Hungarian or Turkish lessons in London and we  will visit you at a venue of your choice: your office or home in London.

Intensive Turkish  Language Classes:  We highly recommended  this for Turkish language  learners who need to master or refresh their Turkish  language skills but have only a strict time limit. The intensive Turkish one to one courses can be from twelve to twenty-five hours per week depending on your  needs.  We will give you a short assessment for your linguistic  requirements.

Corporate   level Turkish   language Classes : Corporate Turkish language  tuition and courses are available for companies in London. Our Turkish  teachers are  highly experienced in teaching business environments in various leading  British and  international companies who have business links with  both England and  Turkey. If you require  we can also offer you a culture awareness training with our specialist tutors in your fields.

Cultural Awareness Courses: For those planning to work or live in Turkey, or take regular business trips to Turkey and need some Turkish  language skills to communicate with Turkish speakers from Turkey.

Short one to one Courses in Turkish Language: If you wish, you can take only limited number of  Turkish  language tuition, or even one. If you prefer,  you just  learn simple  words, phrases and sentences in Turkish language  or refresh your existing Turkish   language knowledge.

Small  Turkish language group classes with limited number of learners :  Focusing on  mainly communication skills in everyday life situations or the business context and environment.

Pleas do not hesitate to contact us for  individually tailor-made Turkish   language lessons and Turkish  languages classes  in London and or in England ( *  please note: outside London intensive Turkish  classes only)
Our Turkish language tutors deliver focused training, offering the Turkish language and skills that our clients need to improve their performance in the workplace or for social face to face interactions. 


 What do we provide? 

•Intensive / Semi-Intensive or short term  Turkish language classes and one to one private lessons from 2 to 30 hours per week.                                                           

•Conversation Turkish Classes, Communicative teaching methods. 

•Business Turkish  Language Program focused on practising business language interactions.

•Preparation for Turkish language  assessments and examinations.

•Specialist courses in Presentations and writing Skills.

• Turkish Language Accent Reduction  and Pronunciation   classes.

• Turkish - English Translation & Interpreting Services.

• Highly  experienced  qualified native-speaker Turkish language teachers and tutors.

• Turkish Language  needs analysis - assessments.


Email : info@turkish-language.co.uk