Turkish Language Resources and USEFUL LINKS with many Pdf files in Turkish Language with English explanations:

We hope that the following Links and Turkish Language resources can be useful for anyone who wants to learn and improve his or her Turkish language skills at home:  :  English and Turkish Vocabulary quizzes  : It gives you some Turkish tutorials  : Gives some resources about Turkish language  : Prepared by Princeton University  It gives you examples on grammar, vocabulary and conversations  : Turkish English on line dictionary  : On Line Turkish English Dictionary It gives on line  number of links which can be quite useful if you are a Turkish Language learner  : A number of link resources in Turkish and Turkic languages. If you are a researcher in Turkish or Turkic languages it can be a quite a useful internet site  :  it is a great site if you want to do some exercises in Turkish Comparative Turkish and Turkic languages  drills and exercises wikipedia’s description and analysis of Turkish Language and it also gives you a basic understanding of Turkish sentence structures and syntax.  ethnological description of Turkish language. It is a good site if you are looking  to find out information about the regions where Turkish is spoken.  :  It provides  a wide range of resources and links in Turkish language and other relevant web sites for those who wants to improve their Turkish.